1984 escort gt

The GT was the North American equivalent of the Laser XR3i version, featuring.8 L Mazda dohc engine.
The North American variant of the.
Coupe coupe (81, 85).2 quattro.85 -.
While the Laser would feature identical powertrains to the Mazda Familia, the Escort carried over the.9 liter 8-valve Ford-designed CVH engine from the previous Escort, with the GT and LX-E receiving price exchange the Mazda-built.8 L.Ford Pinto, which had a tarnished reputation for quality and safety after a widely publicized fuel tank defect.Motory: quebec escort laws 1,3 (1297 cm) OHV 37 kW 1,4 CFi (1392 cm) CVH 52 kW 1,4 EFi (1392 cm) CVH 55 kW 1,4 G (1392 cm) CVH 54 kW 1,6 EFi (1597 cm) CVH 79 kW 1,6 G/H (1597 cm) CVH 66 kW 1,6 EFi (1598.Sedan sedan (W124) 300 E 4-matic(124.230)09.86 -.Starting with the.6L EFI CVH motor from the GT, they installed a turbocharger, oil cooler, and the required manifolds and boosted it to 120bhp.Sedan 90 (81, 85, B2).2.84 -.Coupe mondial 8 Quattrovalvole.82 -.Unfortunately, the early Escorts werent universally loved and that kept them off the review podiums, and by 1985 a refresh was in line and that pretty much led to the end of the GT Turbo after only two scant production years.CitroËN Creak (MA 2400 85kW, 2347ccm.In Mexico, it was replaced by the smaller Ford Ikon.Byl to nástupce modelu Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4 a v podstatě přebral veškeré mechanické části.CitroËN CX II, 25 GTi Turbo 2 122kW, 2500ccm.GT models featured a high output engine with revised intake manifold, cylinder head and a real header available only with a manual transmission.