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The Girondins were doctrinaires and theorists rather than men of action.
Nouvelle-Aquitaine and is surrounded by the departments.
With an area of 10,000 km, Gironde is the largest department in metropolitan France.
Furet, François ; Ozouf, Mona, eds.Together with the, montagnards, they initially were part of the.9 The Revolution failed to deliver the immediate gains that had been promised and this made it difficult for the Girondins to draw it to a close easily in the minds of the public.The party cohesion they possessed was connected to the energy of Brissot, who came to be regarded as their mouthpiece in the Assembly and in the Jacobin Club, hence the name "Brissotins" for his followers.Temperament largely accounts for the dividing line between the parties.A week later he committed suicide.Paris: éditions skyrim animated prostitution mod no animation Payot, 1991.A group including some Girondins prepared a draft constitution known as the Girondin constitutional project, which was presented to the National Convention in early 1793.Against the monarchy was considerably more "advanced" than the moderate royalism of the majority of the Parisian deputies.Because its members were mainly from Bordeaux, in the Gironde, the group had a federalist inspiration.Ideology edit The Gironde was the expression of the lesser nobility, landowners and the bourgeoisie.Paine was imprisoned, but narrowly escaped execution.
A Turbulent Time: The French Revolution and the Greater Caribbean.

The Girondins were a group of loosely affiliated individuals rather than an organized political party and the name was at first informally applied because the most prominent exponents of their point of view were deputies to the Legislative Assembly from the département of, gironde.