Change location iphone

You can fake your real location in any iOS app including Facebook and plan cul en nature Twitter.
Whatever the reason, its possible to change the location in an iPhone.
Drag the green pin around the screen to change your location or zoom in to be more specific about your false location.You may even want to trick your friends and pretend youre enjoying a vacation on the beach in some exotic location!Step 3: Click on a location and tap on the Share button to share out the location.Step 3: Manually Change the Location in Your iPhone.I trick my friends with this app a lot.Download this app as you would any other app.I am using below code for sending lat and longitude of a device to a web server after every 2 minutes but it is not giving sometimes correct latitude and longitude as location changes.One popular GPS spoofing utility is LocationFaker.My ultimate goal is that i need to send lat and logitude to web server, every time when location changes.Cydia has a host of different downloads that work on jailbroken iPhones.Yes, you can do that too.Step 3: Find the on/off button in the lower left corner.
Maybe you want to enjoy a little privacy while youre online.
Step 1: Ensure That Your iPhone Is Jailbroken.