Change location php

(Felipe) Fixed bug #47390 (odbc_fetch_into - BC in php.3.0).
(Scott) Moved extensions to pecl (Derick, Lukas, Pierre, Scott ext/dbase ext/fbsql ext/fdf ext/ncurses ext/mhash (BC layer is now entirely within ext/hash) ext/ming ext/msql ext/sybase (not maintained anymore, sybase_ct has to be used instead) Removed the experimental RPL (master/slave) functions from mysqli.
(thekid at php dot net) Fixed bug #39878 (curl doesn't compile on Sun Studio Pro).
(Scott) Fixed bug #47343 (gc_collect_cycles causes a segfault when called prostitution masculine toulouse within a destructor in one case).(Ilia) Fixed bug #31454 (session_set_save_handler crashes PHP when supplied non-existent rencontre ephemere 69 object ref).(Marcus) Fixed bug #36283 (soapclient Compression Broken).(Ilia) Fixed bug #36944 (strncmp strncasecmp do not return false on negative string length).(Ilia) Fixed bug #39702 (php crashes in the allocator on linux-m68k).CURL: Fixed bug #69088 (PHP_minit_function does not fully initialize cURL on Win32).See i?id364139 for detail Intl Fixed bug #62082 (Memory corruption in internal function get_icu_disp_value_src_php json Fixed bug #61537 (json_encode incorrectly truncates/discards information) LibXML Fixed bug #61617 (Libxml tests failed(ht is already destroyed) PDO Fixed bug #61755 (A parsing bug in the prepared statements can lead.(Pierre) Added ability to control memory consumption between request using zend_MM_compact environment variable.Fixed bug #68423 (PHP-FPM will no longer load all pools).Added 64bit large object support for PostgreSQL.3 and later.Added support for object-oriented session handlers.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #36611 (assignment to SimpleXML object attribute changes argument type to string).Fixed bug #66482 (unknown entry 'priority' in nf).(kevin at kevinlocke dot name) json extension: Fixed bug #54484 (Empty string in json_decode doesn't reset json_last_error.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #37278 soap not respecting uri in _soapCall).They are available only when the running platform supports them.(naf at altlinux dot ru, Felipe) Fixed bug #48802 (printf returns incorrect outputted length).(Wez) Added possibility to check in which extension an internal class was defined in using reflection API.(Derick) Fixed bug #39836 (SplObjectStorage empty after unserialize).
(Ilia) Fixed bug #51128 (imagefill doesn't work with large images).
(Felipe) Fixed bug #50219 (soap call Segmentation fault on a redirected url).

(Dmitry) Fixed bug #30990 (allow popen on *NIX to accept 'b' flag).