Changer batterie ipad 2

changer batterie ipad 2

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You can also learn tips to extend the battery life of your iPad.
Heat the iOpener for thirty seconds.
You are going to exploit this weakness.Do not heat the iOpener more than a minute at a time, and always allow at least two minutes before reheating.Align the tool with combien gagne une escorte the mute button.Use the edge of a plastic opening tool to carefully pry the dock connector cable's connector up from its socket on the logic board.While using the opening pick this deep won't damage anything, it may get adhesive residue all over the LCD.Edit Make sure you place the tool in the proper spotbetween the plastic display bezel and the front panel glass.Apple One Year Limited Warranty includes replacement coverage for a defective battery, and there is no charge if your iPad is covered under warranty or an AppleCare product.Out-of-warranty battery service cost: All iPad models: 99 Plus.95 shipping fee.Lift the LCD from its long edge farthest from the digitizer cable and gently flip it toward the rear caselike closing a book.VPN: DAK120658-W020H00LH, 100 Compatible with the Original iPad.If the iOpener cools significantly between sittings, reheat it for another minute.Try restarting it first.This depends on how long the iPad has been able to cool while you were working.Apple may run diagnostic tests on your iPad to determine if the battery is defective.Edit This step requires you to move the opening pick along the bottom right edge of the front panel.Work carefully and slowly, making sure to not slip and damage yourself or your iPad.Etape 6, une fois les 4 cotés décollés, la vitre se escort girl paris 6eme sépare alors de l iPad 2, posez-la délicatement en faisant attention à la nappe qui la relie toujours à l iPad.Kit Batterie iPad 2 (WiFi 3G) Outils iPad.IPad, mini 2 (white.Etape 5, soulevez délicatement la vitre de l iPad.
A properly heated iOpener should stay warm for up to 10 minutes.