Escort 9500 vs valentine 1

In controlled-test scenarios, both detectors alert to maison close tournai belgique radar signals at a distance farther than the escortes a bordeaux range that they can be used to get a reading on your speed.
By contrast the Max has half a dozen different controls on the top of the detector.With a slanted windshield it is almost impossible to see which control is which by reading the labels when the detector is mounted.They dont seem to serve prostitue a tours any function other than providing a useless distraction, although Id love to hear that they do serve some purpose.Comes with a Free 2-Year Product Warranty for "early" buyers.If youre worried about the radar used by adaptive cruise controls 8, it uses a different band and does not interfere with detectors.For over two decades, the Valentine One V1 has been king of the radar-detector hill.Passport Max GPS adds a new dimension.The New Passport: Stealthy (no bright work to attract thiefs).A second and fairly easy to turn adjustment controls the muted volume.When asked, Escort said that a firmware update was supposed to remove the annoying animation, but it didnt on my unit.Next page: So, which radar detector should you buy?Mainstream vendor Escorts new Passport Max (550) aims to unseat the V1 with more features, better noise rejection, and an updateable database of known radars and cameras.The V1 and the Max, as befitting the flagships of two of the top firms in the radar detection industry, both deliver on this score.
Escort 8500 X50 Euro.