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Lend-lease 1945 to French AF as 472061.
13410 (361th FG, 375th FS, "Lou IV shot down at Boisleux-au-Mont 8 km S of Arria, France by ground fire during ground attack Aug 12, 1944.
72773 (MSN ) to Nicaraguan National Guard in meilleur site de rencontre hot 1958 as GN 120, then to US civil registry as N12066 Jun 8, 1963, cancelled.
13825 (384th FS, 364th FG, 8th AF) in landing accident at RAF Honington, Suffolk, England Oct 14, 1944.12302 (F-6C, 109th TRS, 67th TRG, 9th AF) in ground accident while parked at Charleroi Airfield A-87, Gosselies, Belgium Nov 26, 1944.63375 (46th FS, 21st FG) in landing accident at Central Field, Iwo Jima May 25, 1945.Crashed at Wrightington Feb 15, 1945 after pilot was thrown out of the plane while performing a roll.14477 (319th FS, 325th FG, 15th AF) in taxiing accident at Lesina airfield, Foggia, Italy Nov 26, 1944.72433 (MSN ) to Swedish AF as 26095.63592 (MSN ) became NX61151, then to Israeli Defense Force AF as 2324.11689 (362nd FS, 357th FG) wings broke off during dive at Prum, Germany and dove straight into ground Dec 23, 1944.Pilot injured but survived, aircraft was destroyed.14204 (55th FG, 338th FS, 8th AF) crashed in English Challen 30 mi E of Manston, england due to engine failure Nov 27, 1944.To Argentine Navy as 2-P-11.63691 (MSN ) to Swedish AF as 26068, then to Fuerza Aerea de Republica Dominicana and then to Nicaraguan.Crashed on takeoff Labuan Dec 14, to raaf as A68-736.Damaged Feb 11, 1951 at Montpellier 72156 (MSN ) converted to F-6D.106586 (374th FS, 361st FG) crashed from unknown cause in central France Aug 8, 1944.Pilot bailed out and became POW 103555 (100th FS, 332nd FG (Tuskegee Airmen 15th AF) in landing accident at Ramitelli airfield, Foggia, Italy Dec 6, 1944.13274 (4th FS, 52nd FG, 15th AF) in landing accident at Lesina airfield, Foggia, Italy Feb 15, 1945.
14108 (359th FG, 369th FS) shot down by Bf 109G-6 at Hemleben, 24 km SW of Sangerhausen, Germany Sep 11, 1944.
SOC Mar 28, to RAF as Mustang IV KM570.