Escort ix long range radar detector with travelcase

Verified escort la ferte sous jouarre purchase: Yes Condition: New by May 09, 2018 awesome fourth escort I've purchased definitely the best one I've used even alerts you to stalled vehicles on your side of road incredible range Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned by May 22, 2018 Escort iX and.
Beltronics STI Driver Radar Detector.95New.00 Shipping Add to Cart Escort Radar Detector Deluxe SmartCord Smart Cord Blue.99New.10 Shipping Add to Cart Total Price 407.89 151.29 Shipping Add All to Cart All listings for this product People who echange trombone bought this also bought.Most customers receive within 8-18 days. If you can get it for around 500 its a good deal as the IX Long Range doesnt really drop any lower than that.The longer range of the sensor does make it slightly more sensitive in urban areas, and you will want to tweak a lot of settings when driving in those kinds of areas.The built-in GPS functionality adds additional red light cam detection, a trap that many fall into even with simpler featured radar detectors.That last feature is crucial to eliminate the false positive radar detection.The look of the build is excellent, one of my favorite detectors in terms of aesthetic, and the price is in the right range.Now on to the review.With all these features, the Radenso XP helps avoid threats while creating a customized driving experience.Thanks to Cobras proprietary safety alert transmitters, on-board alerts keeps drivers aware of approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossings or other road hazards that could be dangerous.Fully transferable; cancel anytime, contract delivered by email, so no papers to file.The device comes equipped with more than 260 different voice alert messages.The proprietary anti-falsing design uses the power of GPS to learn and automatically reject fixed position false alarms.If youre someone who switches cars often or travels frequently, the lack of a necessary power cord makes the S4 an immediate consideration.It can also automatically ignore static false positives too.Dont get me wrong, there are viable alternatives in far lower pricing brackets, but when it comes to the cream of the crop, there is nothing to top their models.Now, I have no issue with it being pushed, I do take issue with its utility.However, the S55 adds another layer of excellence with a built-in 720p video/audio webcam thats easily mounted on a windshield as a dash cam.