Escort redline ex vs valentine one

escort redline ex vs valentine one

Third to alert, the echange bebe marine g Escort Redline.
The target car was also operated with c ruise control set a t 50 mph to maintain a consistent approach speed towards the radar.
Likewise, the same t arget car was used on all runs with the detector mounted at a marked location near the center of the windshield.
It's easy to miss the signs and find yourself easily 10mph over even if you were believe you were driving the speed limit.V1 1 3 Custom sweeps - Sweeps 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 6 (.7 Sweep 5 (35.5 Euro POP covers (33.8) V1 2 Custom sweeps - Sweeps 1/2 (.7 Sweep 3 (3.5 E uro P OP covers (33.Here is a simple comparison on one of those speed towers they like to place alongside the road.You will also note the target point for the radar(s) marked on this sat photo.You can read more about this detector, below: Escort Redline EX Introduction.Reason: renamed the title more appropriately.Second to alert, the Escort Redline.Pardon the dirty window, it was raining earlier in the day.He breaks down a ton of detectors in a scientific way and does proper measured tests!You want verified res e for yourself.Radar Detectors : RedLine 1 - New Unit Supplied by EscortRadar RedLine 2 - New Unit Supplied by Oldcelt V 1 (1) - Version.893 Suppl ied by Det aillls V1 (2) - Version.893 Supplied by RRRedrocket V1 (3 ) - Version.893 Supplied.Although we used just a single test si te and setup, it proved to be an excellent choice for wringing out additional range from the new fir mware options now available on both models.Line #1's 2nd run.7).A dry run from the Radar Car position up to the starting point on the test course: A full run from the start posi tion all the way to the radar car (Red.Comparing 3 detectors here against a very weak.7 speed sign with mulitpath, aka Stew Zone.Make sure to watch until the end, both have their own winning areas.You knew it was coming.

That was a slight bend where the radar had a cle ar shot at approaching targets.
If you want more info, go to the Radar Roy channel and his website.
V1 1 / 2/ 3 run in Euro Mode ( except for stock sett ings run ) Ka Custom sweeps with X -Band OFF.