Espace et echange bac anglais

Why did people emigrate to soiree libertine suisse the USA, what is the American Dream.
To settle in, s'étendre, to expand, décolonisation.
Programme denseignement de langues vivantes du cycle terminal pour les séries générales et technologiques.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation?These networks make it easier for us to stay in touch with friends and family abroad, they open up borders and enable us to communicate with people abroad.Link to the BBC website : what is globalisation?Thanks to internet information travels faster than before (but this can sometimes be negative especially when the information is false).Chaque société est ainsi travaillée par des conflits entre particulier et universel, que recoupent souvent des oppositions entre tradition et modernité.Globalisation (UK) globalization (US libre circulation, free movement, migrant.Information exchange has become easier thanks to the internet and international trade has enabled us to expand our markets for goods and services that might not donner le change a la bourse have been available. .Frontière, border, commerce, trade, traverser, to cross, mondialisation.Movement of people, immigration: how and why it began?La géographie des circuits commerciaux et des réseaux dinfluence, mais aussi les découvertes et la conquête de terres nouvelles constituent des aires culturelles qui dépassent souvent les frontières des États.We live in a huge global economy this is otherwise known as globalisation. .Une société peut être abordée du double point de vue de sa cohésion et de son ouverture, ce qui amène à sinterroger sur son inscription dans le monde.We can compare the different educational systems across the world.Certain brands are known all over the world.These different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have transformed and characterised our modern-day world sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.An exchange is the act of giving or receiving escort radar redline vs 9500ix something in substitution for something else.Decolonisation (UK) decolonization (US se libérer de, to free oneself from.What are the disadvantages of globalisation?V5KvG8BwhSUs Cultural interactions: the movement of people across borders Gap year, student exchange programs.Watch this ad on: /t6gwfMBkWQU What do you see?
Exchange of information and communication, one of the major developments in the most recent years is the internet and the different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Skypethey are changing the way we live and communicate today.
However there are also disadvantages to this fast development of internet: there is a lot of false information available, people can become addicted and spend less time with friends and family, there are other dangers such as bullying, pornography, identity theft.

Territory, savoir, knowledge, informations, information (indénombrable migration, migration.
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