Ford escort 08

ford escort 08

Ford Escort Mk2 RS, ford Escort Mk2 RS, ford Consul/Granada.
Details on how to join are available at m or by contacting the membership secretary, Steve Smith,.Door glass seal (exterior) Ford Escort Mk1/Mk2, Cortina Mk2/Mk3/Mk4/Mk5, Granada Mk2 (each) rubb53.Membership costs 30 per year (with an initial 5 joining fee and discounts are available for longer term membership.The purpose of Advanced Vehicle Operations, or AVO as it is normally referred to, was to provide a dedicated facility for the production of Fords high performance road production cars, which at the time were mostly centred around the Escort.The key word here though is original.Winning Around The World Since 1973.Each escort xr3 86 prata June the club holds its annual national day at Hatton World in Warwickshire, which is an opportunity to see some of the best AVO cars in the country, as well as stock up on parts from the numerous specialist traders who attend.In addition to this, each model has a dedicated registrar who is able to offer advice and help to members who are considering purchasing a car, or who already have one.Bonnet striker pin assembly: Ford Escort Mk2 (not RS2000 Granada Mk1, Cortina Mk3/Mk4/Mk5, Capri 08/70- BP1008.AVO was also responsible for finishing Escort 1300Es, although this model never went on the actual AVO production line, and a few years later the Escort RS2000.Ford Escort Mk1 Roger Clark.If you would like a", call us and well be very happy to help).Locking door pin, black: Ford Escort Mk1/Mk2, Capri -02/83, Fiesta Mk1, Granada Mk1/Mk2, Cortina Mk3/Mk4/Mk5 IP1003.The club also has a busy Facebook page, which has proved very popular with those making the first step in purchasing an AVO car, or for those who just want to reminisce about the good old days.In November 1970 Graham Hill drove the first Ford Escort RS1600 off the production line as Ford Motor Company officially opened the doors to its Advanced Vehicle Operations factory in Aveley, Essex.People who had previously owned one of the cars wanted to relive their youth, and the demand for original Ford AVO cars started to increase.Ford Escort Mk1/Mk2, Capri -08/84, Cortina Mk3/Mk4/Mk5 BP1009 No Tax, Each.23 Taxed, Each.68 Bonnet stay grommet BP1011 No Tax, Each.42 Taxed, Each.70 Locking door pin, black: Ford Escort Mk1/Mk2, Capri -02/83, Fiesta Mk1, Granada Mk1/Mk2, Cortina Mk3/Mk4/Mk5 IP1003 No Tax, Each.Qty: -OR-, oR, description, details, application: Ford Capri Mk1 including.0 V6 08/1972-1974.
Ford Escort Mk1/Mk2, Capri -08/84, Cortina Mk3/Mk4/Mk5 BP1009.

In the early days, AVO manufactured Ford Escort RS1600s and Mexicos, the latter having been introduced following Fords successful 1970 World Cup London to Mexico rally victory.