Ford escort aux input

ford escort aux input

Connects to 16-pin connector espace et echange anglais introduction at head unit.
Works on most vehicles from 1995 to 2014 Ford factory stereos exchange rates zloty euro have an external CD changer controls for a CD changer, 2004 and up are satellite ready ( SAT ) or Aux buttons.Takes place of RSE.All you do is take a pair of needle nose pliers and pinch them together and pull the boards apart.You won't be able to hear the tape unless you turn the volume way down.You have to put a stiff wire, like a coat hanger in the two holes on one side, push hard to release.On top of the circiut board there are three black plastic heads holding the boards together.Connect an iPod iPhone Android smart phone, MP3, satellite radio or any portable audio device to the factory Ford Radio.Ford Lincoln Mercury Auxiliary Interface Adapter FRD04-AUX.If you need help finding the correct Ford auxiliary interface for your vehicle.Then pull off this metal cover.That means the signal doesn't get degraded by the process of sending it to your ford radio.
Auxiliary Audio Input Interface for Ford Lincoln factory Radios.

I had these just lying around.