Journey girl doll callie

Callie is part of the original four Journey Girls Dolls that saly prostitution came out.
That wouldn't be an issue if the hair was rooted like it is in the front of her forehead, but it is much more sparse than that.
I wish she came with more accessories, but that is why they have the accessory packs.The top portion of their bodies are made of vinyl and the lower half is made of cloth. (I'll post photos of Callie out enjoying the snow later).Callie loves to explore new places and discover cool clothes she can't find back home.And if that doesn't tell you she is realthe big huge Journey Girls tag sticking out of her side will remind you.Compatibility - 6, there is no difference in the compatibility of Callie compared to the other Journey Girls. Some of my dolls have been under stuffed and because of that have been a little wobbly on their feet.AllKids' home storeKitchen diningBeddingBathFurnitureHome decorArtworkSeasonal decorHome appliancesStorage organizationCleaning suppliesOther. However if you like to photograph your dolls in realistic posesthe Journey Girls are not your dolls.1, see also edit, references edit.Callie comes in a pink pleated skirt, with a black belt, panties, black flats with pink bows, and a two layered shirt, a black stripped shirt under a white t-shirt with a pink heart (made with British flag) in the middle.
The Journey Girls dolls are 18 inches tall, similar to the.
This is especially true of pants, shorts, skirts and other clothing that is centered on the waist.

 That means she can raise her arms straight up, at a slight angle from the body, but she can't raise then straight out to the side.
For those of you that aren't familiar with the Journey Girlsor this is the first one of my reviews that you are reading, the Journey Girls all have a half vinyl, half cloth torso.