Libertine font matplotlib

Rcdefaults command will restore the standard matplotlib default settings.
Ir-standard-fonts AUR - Iran Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (scict) standard Persian fonts.Hashsalt : rencontre sympa sexy nue None # if not None, use this string as hash salt # instead of uuid4 # docstring params #docstring.Ttf-hanazono - A free Japanese kanji font, style Mincho (serif).To use LaTeX and select Helvetica as the default font, without editing matplotlibrc use: from matplotlib import rc # for Palatino and other serif fonts use: rc text usetexTrue here is the standard example, tex demo of TeX rendering.By default, the virtual console uses the kernel built-in font with a CP437 character set, 1 but this can be easily changed.You can use TeX to render all of your matplotlib text if the rc parameter etex is set.Rc lines linewidth2, color'r The matplotlib.Direction : out # direction: in, out, or inout #sible : False # visibility of minor ticks on y-axis #jor.Dpi : figure # figure dots per inch or 'figure' #savefig.Each of # these font families has a default list of font names in echange de monnaie decreasing # order of priority associated with them.Yscale : l # toggle scaling of y-axes log linear #keymap.Custom preview, fonts, show variants, size, tinySmallMediumLarge.# # The retch property has 11 values: ultra-condensed, # extra-condensed, condensed, semi-condensed, normal, semi-expanded, # expanded, extra-expanded, ultra-expanded, wider, and narrower.Contents, font formats, most computer fonts used today are in either bitmap or outline data formats.Handlelength :.0 # the length of the legend lines #legend.
Family : sans-serif #yle : normal #riant : normal #font.
Non-latin scripts Ancient Scripts ttf-ancient-fonts AUR - Font containing Unicode symbols for Aegean, Egyptian, Cuneiform, Anatolian, Maya, and Analecta scripts Arabic ttf-amiri AUR - A classical Arabic typeface in Naskh style poineered by Amiria Press ttf-arabeyes-fonts AUR - Collection of free Arabic fonts ttf-qurancomplex-fonts AUR.

Backend : TkAgg # If you are using the Qt4Agg backend, you can choose here # to use the PyQt4 bindings or the newer PySide bindings to # the underlying Qt4 toolkit.