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Inspired by city lights, wild shores and contemporary culture.Instead, the trio use it to kick back with friends after a long day or to have a few drinks before hopping over to the citys more alternative clubs just across the street another fitting chapter in the peculiar world of Libertine-Libertine.Take their collaboration with Ugelris Wineyard for instance which involved drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and jumping repeatedly over a blazing bonfire resulting in a stylish and limited bottle of grappa.Because fuck it thats why.Most of the building, however, has been converted into spacious, unadorned lofts that are now occupied by young creatives like Libertine-Libertine.At first, this vast range of interests seemed excessive especially at a time where many labels brand themselves around one particular interest or lifestyle but the more I studied the latest collection, the more it began to fall in to place.Kenzo and, carven, while Berlins, sOTO and Bostons, bodega pair the brands characteristic prints alongside streetwear brands like.Despite the Nordic countrys relatively small size, Denmark is home to some of the worlds most beautiful women who for no palpable reason know languages from countries half a world away and whose equally handsome men wear prescription eyeglasses made from the same materials used.In their collections, youll find all your wardrobe essentials spiced up with a few pinches of personality.Rasmus floats the idea of opening a flagship store not far from their offices before quickly adding an open-ended who knows?All of this is done without the least bit of pretension.Keith Haring and wildlife.After she passed away, the bar was gently modified with respect to the past and now lies in the care of Rasmus and his fellow coworkers.The collection defines an assured and effortless design consisting of seasonal shapes and a new take on classics.Iceage concert, come full circle.Comprised primarily of trio Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz, coquina beach nc weather and Peter Munch Ovesen, the brand has seen both its collections and fan base grow steadily since its humble beginnings in 2009.One things for certain though: Libertine-Libertine and its fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming years.Libertine-Libertine can be found in various shops in Copenhagen, including the department store Magasin Du Nord as well as smaller boutiques such as kyoto, Streetmachine and Stig.
This abstract merger of genres and aesthetics seems to align perfectly with their belief of replacing the stereotypical with the complex an idea which may now seem foreign and convoluted but which in the future may very well be the obvious.