Macro prostitution

V1.6.5 introduced a new feature that allows autonomous prostitution.
V1.7.3 added a new debug dialogue for prostitutes travelling to a bed with a client Here's a good spot prostitution geneve boulevard helvetique for you and the client.
Poland 40 for a fuck in a brothel Portugal : 35 quickie with a black African hooker Qatar : 55-80 for a girl from the bar Republic of Macedonia : 20 quickie with a street prostitute.This will cause the prostitute to undress and dance for roughly two minutes and this can also cause some NPCs to gather around her.Yemen : 50 with Chinese prostitutes in upscale hotels.V gives the player a 20-minute magic effect after using the Dance Power, which allows nearby NPCs to approach the player to ask for sex.Player Prostitution, the player can approach most NPCs with a dialogue option of "Hey, baby!It is the responsibility of the player to find jobs for the followers by initiating dialogue with NPCs: "Perhaps, you can enjoy the company of my friend.".The player's ability to pimp NPCs is now dependent on multiple factors, including speech skill, the NPC's arousal, and the NPC's relationships with the player and other characters.Canada - 50 street prostitute (most are aboriginal 250-350 one hour with escort China - Beijing : 100 to 400 for Escort agency China - Hotel Spa: 130 China - Shanghai : 650 to 1,600 Chile 25 sex at the massage parlor Colombia : 200. 12:01x240p Momswithboys Early Morning Mature Sex, HD Porn a5: xHamster.(NPC's arousal must be greater than the configured threshold.) 2) "I'm site echange skin h1z1 someone who prefers to watch which will initiate an animation between the player character and the prostitute, while also assigning a "follow" AI package to the client to mimic "watching".Sec @240 on 090210.Many also accept BitCoin these days.The player can negotiate a price with the client.