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You can also choose between standard class and Green Car.
Once you have placed an order they will send you an exchange voucher by courier.Most people like to visit a bit more than Tokyo when in Japan.The only major exceptions are three super high speed commuter trains (Nozomi, Mizuho, Hayabusa which the pass is not valid for.As a JR Pass holder you get free seat reservations, so just head to the ticketing office before boarding your train to get a seat reservation.Green Car is like a first class cabin, so if you prefer to travel first class that might be for you.The table below shows what your standard one boite de vitesse echange standard pologne week round trip will cost without the.The first time you use the pass it will usually be stamped.Depending on your itinerary the 7 day pass might be sufficient for a 10 day trip, or the 14 day pass enough for a 18 day trip if you start or end your trip by staying inside a big city like Tokyo or Kyoto for.There are exchange offices at major airports too.That post covers reserved and unreserved seating.Same procedure when you want to leave the gated area.JR Pass can only be purchased from outside Japan!You might even have heard about enquete exclusive escort girl Shinkansen the Japanese bullet trains which travel at up to 300km/h (186mph).This voucher you will have to bring to Japan and exchange for a JR Pass at a JR Train Station.
If you are planning your trip to Japan, it is very likely that you have already thought about how you are going to get around once you are there.
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Added bonus: the JR Pass also covers the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo (and vice versa) and all local JR trains, including those inside Tokyo as well as trains to almost any destination you can imagine.
A 7-day JR Pass costs around 271 in 2018.