Package libertine error

The kpathsea invocation you see is only a side effect: it indicates that the font hasn't been found by the system libraries that XeTeX uses on top of TeX's default font lookup system, and escort sophie moone XeTeX falls back to looking up a TFM file, the most.
Is there a way to avoid this?Linux, libertine package and fonts not working anymore (fall 2012), which deals with the current situation.The minimal documentclassarticle usepackage libertine usepackageT1fontenc begindocument, hello World.Instead of plain "latex" or echange produit yves rocher "pdflatex".!!Libertine font, I made some test with XeLaTeX and pdfLaTeX.Tex usepackage libertine begindocument Something.I had no problems compiling your document with pdflatex because I still have libertine -legacy on my system.wrote: Hi all, If I compile this file: test.What's the actual font file name?Cwd / @nhancv: exchange eur chf Preparing path var androidSettingGradleFile rootDir/android/adle var androidSettingGradleFileData 'utf8 var pathArr var keySearch ".projectDir new File(ojectDir, '.My idea was to find a font that is suitable for use in xelatex, pdflatex and outside of any TeX flavour.Ever since an update in December 2011, libertine doesn't work anymore at all, the standard Computer Modern fonts are used instead.The fontspec package requires either XeTeX or LuaTeX to function.!!
Error ( error step 2: Update npm script in package.json file "scripts "postinstall "node./android-gradle-fix.

If I proceed accordingly and use libertineotf instead of libertine, I get 11 errors and no output!
TextbfThis is a bold text enddocument, by commenting either the setmainfont or the usepackagelibertineotf line, I noticed that the bold (chapter title for instance) where heavier when using the package.
Js in your project #!/usr/bin/env node const fs require fs try console.