Prostitute outfit fallout 4

prostitute outfit fallout 4

IF YOU want TO USE certain parts OF MY MOD IN your MOD, nO permission required., please provide credit where credit is due., please have a link to the original mod., please let me know about it either by a comment or a private message.
PC, playStation 3, xbox 360, when wearing this outfit as a female character, going for a swim in the.
File credits This author has not credited anyone maison close music hall body else in this file Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points Mirrors features - Supports male and female characters along with EVB and cbbe bodies.Q2 - Bodyslide support?The male version has black cowboy boots, black ripped tights worn under grey boxers, chains covering the wearer's chest which are connected to a spiked choker necklace, and a leotard that is pulled down to expose the wearer's chest.Having a trustworthy environment in which we can share our knowledge, creations and ideas is essential to the healthy growth of a modding community; so play nice, play fair and provide credit where credit is due.Fallout: New Vegas clothing, prostitute outfit item HP 400 weight 2 repair base id (playable) 00110a73 (non-playable the prostitute outfit is a piece of clothing.Jury Rigging it can be repaired with any Light armor and clothing.Author's instructions - 25th of December, 2017, you may freely use my mods as resources in accordance with the small set of ground rules I've laid down in order to prevent any potential exploitation of such good will.Joana wears one when you have sex with her, but if you kill her she wont have.IF YOU want TO create, nO permission required., please provide credit where credit is due., please have your file require the original mod., please don't name me as the author of your file., please don't give me Author Rights for your file., please don't name.For women, the outfit consists of a black half-shirt and short-shorts finished with a studded belt and spiked collar.PC, xbox 360, when wearing the outfit as a female character, going for a swim in the.It provides no damage threshold and can be repaired with other prostitute outfits.Requirements, nexus requirements, mods requiring this file, permissions and credits.optional - If Replacer version is chosen, it replaces the Tattered Rags outfit in the game which is also worn by Nuka-World slaves, thus makes them look like prostitutes.Worn by a hookers dancing outside, gomorrah.I'm not really a fan of slutty looking outfits, but the chains caught my attention so I took it upon myself as a challenge to see if I could create the chains as a wearable accessory.Two versions of the mod : Standalone and/or Replacer.Notes - Please do not host or upload my mods to other sites without my permission.I don't provide Bodyslide support because it burns me out.optional - If Standalone version is chosen, it is craftable at the Armorsmith Extended Workbench under clothing - skimpy category.Jury Rigging it can be repaired with any light armor or clothing.