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Voting patterns often follow tribe or clan rather than class or ideology, so tend to lock in the advantage of one or other group.
On Wednesday, Russia's upper house of parliament voted, at Putin's request, to revoke the President's right to use troops in Ukraine."If that continues, it is a real war.".Read our privacy guidelines.Poroshenko called signing the agreement with the EU the second-most important moment in his nation's history, ranking only behind independence.Russian President Vladimir Putin can be pragmatic or emotional, Poroshenko says.In parts of Africa autocrats are still exchange h&m in power and wars still rage.He said negotiations with Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine would continue on Friday, the day his unilaterally declared cease-fire expires and the day that he also will sign a cooperation agreement with the European Union that sparked the crisis in his country.Dealing with variegated polities requires doses of decentralisation (as in Kenya federalism (as in Nigeria) and requirements for parties or leaders to demonstrate a degree of cross-country or cross-ethnic support.For democracy to work, winners must not be greedy, losers must accept defeat and both need trusted institutions to act as arbiters and stabilisers.The 48th in a row.There is still no information as to where he will celebrate.Ukraine will sign a cooperation agreement with the European Union on Friday.
The best way for democracy to flourish would be to expand and strengthen Africas emerging middle class.