Swap exchange program

swap exchange program

We are here to help you match your child or teen (11 to 18) with a club libertin 7 child or teen of a another country.
We match families from different countries in order to set up foreign language and cultural exchanges for their kids and teens.Swap your teen with another teen from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and more!If so, then you and your family are ready to embark on a language and cultural exchange program!This will make learning a foreign language so much easier for your child or teen!We still proudly do that today, but over the years we've also expanded our horizons to include exciting programs in volunteering (in South Africa and India teaching abroad (Thailand and Vietnam and most recently into language and cultural programs (Japan and Costa Rica)!They will both stay for the same length of time (both kids or teens should be here at the same time).We make sure that both teens are the same age, share the same hobbies, and have a similar home environment.We started in 1975 and have been going strong ever since.In addition, we aim at connecting teens for their mutual benefit and enrichment.All they had to do was strap backpacks on and we helped them with everything discothèque libertine paris else.Canadian Federation of Students, a not-for-profit organization that devotes their time and energy to student issues and concerns.Today, we here at swap provide a wide range of programs, for young Canadians who want our traditional working holiday programs, but also teach abroad positions, volunteer abroad adventures, and hard-to-acquire work in the US visas.One thing hasn't changed - having maintained our ties to the Canadian Federation of Students and our non-profit status, our priority is escort girl femme ronde and always will be to keep our program costs as low as possible.How swap helps, even in an era where information is readily available online, we believe that one-on-one in-person connections are more important than ever.We made it our mission to help Canadians land on their feet in new cities by helping them find accommodation and jobs, as well as host social events.After 40 years, swap is more than just working holidays!This hospitality will be reciprocated when their own child goes abroad.We know the value of living and working abroad because we have done it ourselves.At swap, we have been ambassadors of travel for over 40 years.
We started back in 1975, helping young Canadians live the dream of living and working in different countries around the world.
Ready to do something exciting in 2018?

Back then (a time before internet, selfies, and #hashtags we sent 7 brave Canadian youth to work and travel across the world to New Zealand.