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We dont know how.
Sometimes, even, they are escort girl paris 6eme senior to and more experienced than the captain.
Hopefully the traveling public realizes that the rest of the tens of thousands of airline pilots out there take their profession, and your safety, as seriously as they possibly can.And most notorious of all, a suicidal first officer brought down EgyptAir flight 990 flying from New York to Cairo in 1999.The latter is also known as the copilot.Then we have Miles OBrien, writing for.OBrien: Flight 9525 offers yet another example of how the layers of safety in aviation have been peeled away since deregulation 35 years ago.In the.S., the typical civilian pilot new-hire at a major carrier has upwards of 7,000 hours and often several years of prior airline experience.Technically thats not correct.How does that square with layers of safety supposedly being peeled away?These fixations tend to be short-lived, but they are intense enough to give people the impression that flying is becoming more dangerous, combien gagne une escorte when in fact it has become safer.As for the stresses of the job, its no different from any other line of work.Try to remember that even if we include the SilkAir crash or the or unsolved MH370 disaster, acts of crewmember sabotage account for a tiny number of incidents over many decades.People are talking a lot about the possibility of a decompression (loss of cabin pressure but a simple decompression by itself is not likely to be the culprit.Pilots and mental health or on the technical part of flying, much of the talk is misleading.Andreas Lubitz had only about 600 total flight hours.That does not mean the pilot is unsafe, or is going to crash the plane.Never mind that the Deregulation Act was passed in America, not in Germany.