The libertine quotes

the libertine quotes

(Laughs.) You know, finding the truth in the lie." -Johnny Depp "He is astonishing.
I could keep going.
Something to believe." Carl Barât Gary Powell John Hassell Pete Doherty 9 "Even my friends tell me they can barely understand.He was, he was really, really important in terms of British literature, in terms of literature itself.We just ignore each other.".I can see why he doesn't go out for a drink with the lads very much, because when he does (and I've seen this happen people just stare at him." -Johnny Vegas, played Sackville).Unfortunately we didn't get to socialise that much in the evenings.Yeah, I think there's a lot of Rochester's out there." -Johnny Depp "I think one of the things, like, if you look at it on the surface, it is very easy to say, 'Well, I don't like the guy because he is mean to people.And I salute that!.He was a very tortured man." -Johnny Depp "Well, it's certainly one of those things that I felt a connection.It sits just below the surface.Here's a collection of the most profound and provocative wit and wisdom in the English language in two lines or less.Shanahan, you don't have to be a genius to sound like one.But he was kind of overlooked because he was, was written off in a lot of ways as a satirist or a pornographer or whatever.Cast: Johnny Depp, Tom Hollander, Shane MacGowan, John Malkovich, Samantha Morton, Rosamund Pike, Johnny Vegas ".Basically Wilmot drank himself to death and shagged himself to death.Just try to get to the core, the very heart of the matter and the very heart of the truth.He is clearly one of the great performers of all time.Was his drinking recreational?Like Gielgud or Olivier, in that class or better.John Hassell, carl Barât, gary Powell, pete Doherty 8 nice club libertin "I'd never met anyone that seemed so genuine in the things he did.He was a very complicated man." -Johnny Depp, bBC Interview 2005 "I got the opportunity to go to the British Library and peruse his letters, and that opened up a whole new side to him for.He could not tolerate a lie.As the celebrated writer and bad boy John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester, Johnny Depp brings to life a decadent 17th century London.
Another one with him doing the dance in the playhouse with Samantha Morton, I literally caught fire because I hit the chandelier with the camera, and to have Johnny and Samantha pull me out of the fire was an interesting experience, shall we say." -Laurence.