What are the major causes of prostitution in nigeria society

In New York City are 300,000 wage-earning women, living upon the brink of starvation.
Being convinced that their genitalia is too small and that any average woman would laugh at and reject them,.
Youths and students nowadays are lazy, they want to sauna libertin clermont make money and live in luxury without hard work.
Their blood is upon society with its greed for money, its apathy, ignorance, indifference, active participation in crime, and its exploitation of the weak.The records of our childrens societies show to prostitution problem solution how ap- palling a degree the chastity of little girls is being sacrificed in the dark halls and crowded rooms of the tene- ments.She has a better right to reproach us than we have to scorn her.The glamor and gayety, which flippantly are i spoken of as associated with her traffic, ( really do not exist for her.The prevalence of hvsteria is well known.Some 85 percent of prostitutes in a Danish survey say they are sex workers because of the money.The influence of the newspaper notoriety of sexually loose women is confirmed by the stage and the novel, Avhich present to impres- sionable girls, women of this character in the light of heroines.Unemployment, it is not every prostitute that is lazy or just willing to sell herself for money.Heartbreak, believe it or not, a lady who is heartbroken may be tempted to take vengeance on men by becoming a prostitute.A woman who has been abandoned by a man can feel desolate and to prove she is wanted by men, decides to go into prostitution.A typical story, according to the researcher, is that a man divorces a woman and takes all the money, and the woman then sees prostitution as the only way to earn a living.Social contact with high-minded women satisfies the craving for feminine society and deters young men from seeking the society of the opposite type of women.Spare us from contamination by the prostitute who brazenly has come among.Laziness and Thirst for Quick Wealth.Men are paid neither their just wage nor enough to warrant assuming the re- sponsibilities of marriage.In this class are the women of abnormal and defective mentality.The idea of the sexual necessity for men has been refuted by many fnac echange livre students of these problems ; but those who want to believe in it continue in the majority.
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In reality, this oldest profession falls into several categories.

These are the women who actually become prostitutes be- cause they like.
Unneces- sarily to cover and screen it from vision is to insult it with shame which it does not deserve, proclaim it as evil, and di- rect attention to its more specialized sexual parts.