What does it mean if someone calls you b

what does it mean if someone calls you b

It means you are an apprentice.
It is a skater who smokes or does drugs of some sort.
So I'm guessing not a real compliment it means that someone is talkin to serie sur une call girl you and you dont listen thatwhat ignorant means.x.x.
I disbelieved my own senses, thought I was going crazy.And how there are jokes about people like brunettes and redheads and blondes, and the blondes are always saying something dumb?It means you are supposed to duck cos they might be throwing something at you.You know how people call girls with blonde hair 'dumb blondes'?These characteristics include: greed, miserliness, a badtemper, and complaining incessantly.The literal meaning is you sell your body for sex, but if that's not the case it probably means your with a lot of different guys for free, lol.Princess is affectionate and cherished queen is dominant and beautiful shortened term of the gamer slang "Noob" or "Newb short for "Newbie which means A new player.Bishop, means the dead Mrs.Logo _ The Message Is Hope.The term "token" means something serving to represent or indicate some fact, event, or feeling.(It has nothing to do with sexually aroused they are 12-13 People use it for a different meaning.) 2) Well some girl was saying to some unpopular girl called Victoria, so she said to Victoria you only got BBM to become popular.Edited for spelling., 12:39 PM # 4 ( permalink ) sparklingeyes Member Join Date: Jun 2012 Location: md Posts: 208 I guess I am in deep denial., 12:40 PM # 5 ( permalink ) Chrisy Member Join Date: Apr 2012 Location: AZ Posts: 247.I'm still th oroughly confused., 12:36 PM # 2 ( permalink ) lillamy, community Greeter, join Date: Oct 2006, location: right here, right now.That your BF is messing with your head.If he really loves you, you would know.While some people may use it in a sexist way, most just mean it as a compliment, like your really pretty and seem perfect.It means they either think you are beautiful or it means you are a snooty princes type thing.(Hugs) _ Everything will be OK in the end.